StealthGenie, SpyBubble, MobiStealth or FlexiSpy – Which is the best spy mobile phone software?

Top pick!Affordable and cheapA decent pickAwesome features with a big price.
Fair price with the most features.All the basic features you need at the lowest price.Has SMS tracking and is the cheapest around.Great features and customer support.
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Why StealthGenie Is Our Top Mobile Phone Spy App Pick?

It is because StealthGenie is doing its promise. It is indeed the most powerful mobile phone spy and tracking application out there. Once installed, it gives you full access to the target phone. This lets you monitor any type of activity of any Android, iPhone or Blackberry mobile device. It is super easy to install the application on the target phone. As soon as the installation is done, StealthGenie will start to upload the target phone’s usage. All messages and its location can be viewed via the application’s user area using a computer anywhere in the world. The user can rest assured that this application works silently in stealth mode. The target user will never find any trace of spying activity on their phone.

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Affordable and Cheap SpyBubble

SpyBubble is an awesome mobile phone spy that can:

  • Track Phone calls

  • Spy on Texts

  • Secretly Read Messaging

  • GPS Tracking

  • Access the Phone Book

The greatest advantage of SpyBubble is its affordability. You can choose from different packages to achieve the particular spying service you need.

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Mobistealth, A Decent Pick?

Yes, it is indeed. It is very easy to install as compared to its counterparts in the market. There are also an array of options to choose from that will definitely satisfy your needs from a mobile phone spy. Another advantage is it runs faster than any other mobile spy apps.

Mobistealth cannot however beat StealthGenie’s affordability and awesome features. It comes second to StealthGenie. If you hate StealthGenie’s interface, then this should be without a doubt, your next choice.

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